Families escaping war and persecution have made the difficult journey to temporary communities as refugees.

But now they struggle for food, housing, and hope.​

You can bring hope to refugees and displaced persons with your donation today. 100% of your donation goes directly to these victims.

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Arm in Arm Outreach Success Stories

Below are just a sampling of stories about refugees we have helped. There are many more stories of hope and healing!


Once despairing as a widowed refugee with young children, Nadia found relief with help from Arm in Arm Outreach.  Her children finally had some food security, and she found hope.  After a year of receiving our assistance, Nadia had the opportunity to relocate to a final new country in Europe.  With Arm in Arm’s assistance she could travel and get the medical exams necessary to seize this opportunity.  Now Nadia is able to work and her children have a future bright with hope!


Although he worked 18 years as a military interpreter with the allied armed forces in Afghanistan, Faraz was left behind when those allied countries pulled out.  Forced to hide and facing torture and death at the hands of the Taliban, Faraz fled with his young family to live as refugees in another country.  Left with nothing at all, and with relatives in several countries pleading for his help, Faraz found he was unable to work or get aid in his refugee country.  But with support from Arm in Arm Outreach, now he can feed his family and complete the necessary steps to be relocated to a new country.  Arm in Arm also helped Faraz move additional family members out of harm.  Now Faraz takes time to assist other refugee families who need to understand the relocation process.  He looks forward to reaching a final country and being able to once again provide for his family.


Once a successful nurse in Africa, Mercy and her husband fled conflict and death.  Now they are not allowed to work in their refugee country.  In fact, if they are caught working, they will be deported back to certain death.  Arm in Arm stepped in to help provide them food and heat, then found donors to buy them a laptop.  Now they can get the necessary language skills, education and credentials to find work in a new country.   Just a little donation does so much to change a life!